Trying the Cookie Diet? Want to find what works?


Cookies for weight loss? Looking to get a boost in the right direction?

The recent Cookie Diet craze has spread the nation sending consumers in a frenzy to lose pounds while eating these baked treats.

Many dieters today turn to these fad diets only to be temporarly happy with the results. While you may lose weight you’ll feel you may need a boost to help you gain the weight loss goal without “losing your cookies”.

Sweet Wheat® can be a great addition to any dieters plan.

100% Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder is chocked full of vitamins and minerals for energy and digestion!

Featuring the necessary enzymes needed for digestion including catalase enzymes!


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Sweet Wheat® Product Review from Shop to Earn!

From ShoptoEarn’s Official Blog

ShopToEarth Product Review: Sweet Wheat

Sweet Wheat is one of the newest products available at Read on for shopping tips and more about the product.

Sweet Wheat is a nutritional supplement that harvests the vast nutritional benefits of organic wheat grass to help balance your body’s vital functions and boost energy. Sweet Wheat is grown from organic seeds in rich, mineral-saturated soil. Utilizing only pure artesian well water before it is placed in a specially designed cold-press, Sweet Wheat products are allowed to capture the maximum amount of nutrients, oils, and live enzymes without destroying the heat-sensitive vitamins.

The result of this rigorous cultivating process is a fresh tasting wheat grass juice that keeps your body running and feeling great. Featuring a power-packed combination of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, Sweat Wheat helps improve your body function while helping you feel balanced and energized.

Every serving of Sweet Wheat includes:

  • Zinc – for skin, your immune system, prostate and eyesight health
  • Magnesium – for muscle function and bowel health
  • Phosphorus – to help calm nerves
  • Calcium – for strong bones and teeth, plus Sweet Wheat provides the trace minerals needed for the calcium to be properly absorbed by your body
  • Vitamins A, B, C, and K
  • Amino Acids – for alertness, energy, healthy skin and hair, enhancing your immune system, muscle coordination, and more!
  • Essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Chlorophyll – for blood cleansing and liver stimulation to assist with your body’s natural detoxification and to block toxins from being absorbed
  • Enzymes

The following Sweet Wheat product are available on ShopToEarth: Sweet Wheat Boost, Sweet Wheat jumbo and large capsules, Sweet Wheat powder, Sweet Skin, and Sweet Kid – all with 15 percent cash back!

Don’t take it from us, try Sweet Wheat for yourselves and experience the difference. A Shop To Earth twitter follower explained, “I suffered from migraines prior to taking Sweet Wheat Boost. I felt instant results after trying the product and I feel great!”

Check out Sweet Wheat in the newly designed ShopToEarth web portal.

Thank you for the review ShoptoEarn! We welcome all our new customers from Shop to Earth, we would love to hear feedback from you on our products and also would love to connect with you!

Connect with Sweet Wheat® on Twitter or on Facebook

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Meet Sweet Wheat® Founder Kim Bright and Dr. Ward Bond in Clearwater!

You’ve seen them on the TV, now come and meet them both in person!

Kim Bright and Dr. Ward Bond

Sweet Wheat® Founder Kim Bright and Dr. Ward Bond will be signing “The Top 20 Nutrients” books in Clearwater on March 24th.

Come on out and meet Kim Bright and Dr. Ward Bond

The Vitamin Shoppe

March 24

5:00 – 6:00 pm

2719 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater, FL

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Meet Dr. Ward Bond in Florida!

drwbond08Dr. Bond is going on a Florida tour in March speaking about his new book “The Top 20 Life Changing Nutrients” which features his own recommendation for Sweet Wheat® in Chapter 19 titled “Wheat Grass”

Some of the things Dr. Ward Bond has to say about Sweet Wheat®.

“That is why Sweet Wheat®’s wheat grass is juiced and then freeze dried. The wheat grass juice is ten to twenty times more powerful as a nutrient supply than the cellulose-laden wheat grass. Sweet Wheat®’s organic wheat grass juice powder is a good source of active enzymes, thus aiding even more the bioavailability of the nutrients because of its special harvesting.”

“…if you’re stretched for time and searching for convenience, superior quality, organic wheat grass juice loaded with bioactive, easily assimilated enzymes, minerals, vitamins and protein, then Sweet Wheat® is your best answer.”

Find out more about Wheatgrass and other life changing nutrients in this great new book. Dr. Bond’s new book will be available at all 377 Vitamin Shoppe stores as well as all Chamberlain’s Natural Foods stores in Florida. Look for it on!


March 16 1:00 – 2:00 pm- 101 Brandon Town Center Drive Brandon, FL

March 16 5:00- 6:00 pm- 8019 Citrus Park Dr. Tampa, FL.

March 17 12:00-1:00 pm- 2701 SW College Rd. Ocala, FL

March 18 12:00- 1:00 pm – 1233 West Sand Lake Rd. Orlando, FL.

March 19 12:00- 1:00 pm- 3807 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL.

March 19 5:00- 6:00 pm- 3813 US Highway 98 North Lakeland, FL.

March 20 12:00 – 1:00 pm- 4016 14th St. Bradenton, FL

March 20 5:00 – 6:00 pm- 4104 S. Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL

March 23 12:00 – 1:00 pm- 9300 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy Fort Myers, FL

March 24 12:00 – 1:00 pm- 2301 Tyrone Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL.

March 24 Store 5:00 – 6:00 pm- 2719 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Clearwater, FL


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Shop To Earn with Sweet Wheat® in Tampa!

Shop to Earn and Sweet Wheat in Tampa, FL

February 22nd, Sweet Wheat® was proud to attend the Shop To Earn seminar in Tampa, FL. It was a beautiful day in Tampa and a pleasure to meet all of our Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth customers in person.

Did you miss the event? Take a look at some of the photos from the event here…. Shop To Earn Photos on Flickr.

We would like to thank Shop to Earn for this wonderful opportunity and all of you new customers to Sweet Wheat®.

Keep updated here at the Sweet Weekly or on the Shop to Earn blog for the latest news.

Also you can now find us on Twitter

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Thank you to Sweet Wheat® customers!

900 Visitors and counting at The Sweet Weekly!!! Thank you all for your continued support!

We would like to ask YOU the readers, the frequent Sweet Wheat® customers what would you like to see here on the Sweet Weekly.

Here’s a recent comment about Sweet Skin™ left on the Shop To Earn blog.

I know it is not listed but I just got Sweet Wheat and it has changed my life. I don’t want to sound like I’m crazy b/c I have heard so many people say that about other products but this is the FIRST thing I have tried that I am VERY excited about! Granted I take several more capsules a day than listed but my energy and well being is AMAZING.

ALSO, I am a makeup artist working in Fashion and Photography and have been for years. I LOVE makeup but I am also passionate about skin care. I have in my medicine cabinet right now; La Mer, Sisley, La Prarie, Chantecaille, Cle de Peau, Natura Bisse (yes I have all of them!!) All these products are sold at Neiman Marcus and insanity expensive. I have used them all and love many of them. That said, I have been using Sweet Skin for just over a month now and I have to say it is the SINGLE BEST SKIN CARE MOISTURIZER I HAVE EVER USED. I still have THOUSANDS of dollars in skin care still in my cabinet (some used, some still in the boxes!) This said, I can not imagine using another moisturizer, cream, or lotion besides Sweet Skin ever again. Not only is it so amazing but is it $39 retail which is amazing especially since I have paid (and am willing to pay) up to $400 for a skin care cream!

I do not work for Sweet Skin, just a very enthusiastic, satisfied customer. If anyone has any questions about this product and you want to ask someone objective, please feel free to ask me, I would love to answer any questions!
Cliff Turner

Thanks Cliff for the feedback on Sweet Skin™! If you have a great comment like this one… please leave us a comment and you may also be featured in an upcoming Sweet Weekly!

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Looking for a rich source of catalase enzymes?

Looking for a natural solution to gray hair? Are you looking to lose weight the natural way? Did you know that most of us are missing the important enzymes such as catalase to break down food causing most obesity problems and possibly also gray hair?

Wheatgrass is a rich source of hundreds of different enzymes, and Sweet Wheat® 100% Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder is the perfect supplement for all your catalase needs and beyond.


Article on Wheatgrass Enzymes

“The most important enzymes that have been isolated in wheatgrass are: cyto-chrome oxidase, an antioxidant required for proper cell respiration; lipase, a fat -split ting enzyme; protease, a protein digestant; amylase, which facilitates starch digestion: catalase, which catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen in the blood and body tissues; peroxidase, which has an action similar to catalase, on a cellular level; transhydrogenase, an enzyme which aids in keeping the muscle tissue of the heart toned; and superoxide dismutase (SOD). It is interesting to note that when these enzymes decline in quantity and strength-which happens as we gel older-the body’s ability to handle heavy fats, proteins, and excess calories weakens.”

Where can you find these enzymes?

Why go searching for tons of supplements while you can take two capsules of Sweet Wheat® a day to get all your body’s missing enzymes?

Call Sweet Wheat® today to find out more about how enzymes can help you!

Call 1-888-22-SWEET today!

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Buy Sweet Wheat® with Shop to Earn and Earn Cash Back!

Earn cash back on Sweet Wheat!You can now buy Sweet Wheat® and earn cash back with the Shop to Earth program from Shop to Earn.

The more you buy, the more you refer… the more you earn! Perfect for those who stock up on Sweet Wheat® year-round. Also great for those who do most of their shopping online since you can also earn up to 20% on purchases from a long list of retailers such as

About Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth (From

“Empowering its members to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth, the goal of Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth is to increase environmental awareness and social responsibility. Through its alliances with the biggest name retailers in traditional and environmentally friendly products, Shop To Earth members have access to natural, organic, and earth-friendly brands. While purchasing these products, Shop To Earth members receive a percentage of cash back on all their purchases through the ShopToEarn/ Shop To Earth portals.”

A great way to earn money during these tough economic times while staying healthy, wealthy and wise.

Check out the testimonials…

Learn more at Shop To Earn.Net

The Shop to Earn site will be officially opened on February 15 for shopping.

Can’t wait? Want to sign up for Shop To Earth today? Click Here….

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Thinking about the Engine 2 Diet?

As many people tuned into the Oscars last night they saw many bright, glowing celebrities on one of the biggest nights in Hollywood.

Not all stars are born perfect, many have to stick to strict health regimens and diets. As in Kate Winslet’s case she went through a massive recent transformation using the Engine 2 diet.

According to

“For 28 Days you’ll eat the most delicious food mother nature has to offer – PLANTS – prepared in a vast array of mouth watering recipies you can easily make in your own kitchen. This is your chance to create lasting beauty – from the inside out.”

Sweet Wheat® powder made of 100% Organic Wheatgrass Juice can be an excellent way to help you kick start your Engine 2 diet and give a great energy boost to help you get into the Oscar worthy shape you deserve.

You don’t have to be a hollywood celebrity to look like a million bucks.

Try Sweet Wheat® today… 1-888-22-SWEET or visit our website at

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Looking for Barth Syndrome relief?

Barth Syndrome is a syndrome that affects most male children. Symptoms affect multiple systems of the body and may include changes to metabolism, motor delays, hypotonia (reduced muscle tone), delayed growth, cardiomyopathy (leading to a poorly functioning heart), weakened immune system, chronic fatigue, lack of stamina, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), mouth ulcers, diarrhea, and varying degrees of physical and learning disability.

Sweet Kid™ was developed to provide children with less than perfect diets a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins missing from their fast food and sugar-saturated lunchroom diets. Each bottle cotains 90 capsules of a special, natural formulation containing 100% Organic Sweet Wheat® freeze dried wheatgrass juice, specific enzymes and nutrients (such as the probiotics bifidus and acidophilus) in combination with the superfood, blue-green algae.


Without water and eating acidic food (like processed or fast foods), the cell membranes harden. This can cause memory loss, disorientation, and a slowdown of mental processes.  Not having enough B vitamins (mainly from eating processed or sugar-enriched food) results in lessened vision, diminished response time and oxygen deprivation to the brain. This in turn can cause a constant nervousness and agitation.

Lack of amino acids can cause trouble with transmitting nerve impulses (reduced motor skills and reaction time), cravings for sugar, reduced concentration and alertness, mood swings and “anxiety attacks”, constipation, fatigue and a host of other problems. This stems from lowered or impaired metabolism of sugar, resulting in blood sugar levels becoming too high.

Nutritional factors can account for many symptoms present in children who are diagnosed ADD or ADHD. By remedying these deficiencies, these symptoms can often diminish, helping your child to be healthy and alert.

Try Sweet Kid™ today…

Call 1-888-22-SWEET

Or Visit

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Looking for Habba Syndrome relief?

Recently many sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) have come to learn that their years of constant trouble and embarassment is actually caused by the Habba Syndrome.

Habba syndrome is a disease characterized by chronic diarrhea caused due to a malfunction, but intact gallbladder. The disease is named after its discoverer Dr. Saad. F. Habba.

For many suffering from Habba Syndrome, most have ran through mazes of treatments with dead ends and unanswered questions.

Wheatgrass is a natural way of relief for both IBS and Habba Syndrome, due to it’s amazing internal detoxification and healing abilities. Personal treatments such as enemas or insertions are the best way to use wheatgrass to it’s full healing extent.

Sweet Wheat® in powder or capsule form is a natural, easy way to self- provide personal home access to these treatments without embarassment.

For more information on how Sweet Wheat® can help with IBS or Habba Syndrome… please call 1-888-22-SWEET

or visit

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Sweet Wheat® Welcomes Dr. Ward Bond Readers!

It has been a busy few weeks here at the Sweet Weekly. Mostly in part to the readers of Dr. Ward Bond’s  new book  “20 Life Changing Nutrients That You Can’t (shouldn’t) Live Without”.

We would like to take the time to thank these readers for their interest in Sweet Wheat®.

For anyone who is looking for more information on Sweet Wheat® please visit our website.

Please visit us also at our  Myspace and Facebook pages.

To Order Sweet Wheat® today please call 1-888-22-SWEET

Our helpful representatives can answer any of your personal questions about how Sweet Wheat® can change your life.

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Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day present?

Give Sweet Wheat® to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Not only is Sweet Wheat® great for your heart. But can help you feel more energetic and youthful. How is this possible?

The molecular structure of Sweet Wheat®’s chlorophyll is the exact same as that of blood, with the exception that the center molecule in blood is iron, while Sweet Wheat®’s is magnesium. This aides directly in the cleansing of the blood, facilitating a dramatic improvement in the body’s ability to heal. Chlorophyll also increases hemoglobin production (red blood cell count) and is known as a powerful detoxifier and antibacterial agent. It also binds with carcinogenic toxins in the digestive tract, blocking them from absorption into the body.

Not only will you be helping your loved ones by introducing them to Sweet Wheat® you’ll also experience the benefits that comes with having a healthier, happier partner.

So have a heart and try Sweet Wheat® this Valentine’s Day.

Call 1-888-22-SWEET to order TODAY!

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New Years Resolutions? Sweet Wheat can help!

Ahhhhhhh!! by mikanui.As we are entering the middle of the first month of 2009, many of us have already forgot about those resolutions we made just a few weeks ago.

Why is this? Lack of energy and motivation? Not seeing immediate results?

Sweet Wheat® can not only help energize you and get that motivation back for your daily battle against 2009, but makes it easy to stick to some of your health related resolutions as well.

  • In a Hurry? Sweet Wheat® Capsules are easy to take along traveling or in your gym bag
  • Saving Money? Instead of spending money on Organic Vegetables… take a few spoonfuls of Sweet Wheat®!
  • Stressed? Sweet Wheat® can help ease high blood pressure.
  • Want a new look for a new you? Sweet Wheat® helps with many different skin conditions and detoxifies the blood for a healthy glow!

Sweet Wheat® also makes a fantastic face mask! Just add a few drops of water to the powder, mix and apply to  face and let sit for twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water and volia! Just be sure to wash off before answering any doorbells, not everyone knows the greatness of the green wonder that is Sweet Wheat®. 🙂

Not only is our future at hand but our health… Choose Sweet Wheat® today to help you and your family with the New Year and your new life.

Call 1-888-22- SWEET today…

(The only thing Sweet Wheat® can’t help you do is make the phone call… you have to do that yourself.)

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Sweet Wheat® Launches New Pet Product!

Get your Sweet Pet!! In the past Sweet Wheat® has created healthy families with our Sweet Wheat® and Sweet Kid™ products.

At Sweet Wheat®, we know how your pets can be just like a part of the family. This is why we have just created a NEW pet product Sweet Pet™ using the high quality ingredients that Sweet Wheat® is known for.

Have you ever seen your dog or cat eat grass? This is because they crave these nutrients.

Perfect for indoor/apartment pets!

  • Immune System
  • Hairballs/Digestive Health
  • Coat/Eye Health

Derived from whole natural foods such as Blue Green Algae and Organic Wheat Sprouts, Sweet Pet™ provides the needed probiotics and enzymes that most pets bodies crave for a healthy immune system.

Get the best for your pets….try our new Sweet Pet™!

Call 1-888-22-SWEET to order today!

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Looking for information on Sweet Wheat?

Got A Question about Sweet Wheat?Have questions about Sweet Wheat? Want to know more about the product? Would you like to hear testimonials and reviews?

Why spend countless hours searching the web for facts and detailed information on Sweet Wheat?

There are many different places on the web to not only learn more about the product but to connect with other Sweet Wheat customers and your favorite staff members!

Some of our favorites are here:

Official Sweet Wheat Website

The Official Sweet Wheat Website– Order today!


Sweet Wheat @ Squidoo Informational site about Wheatgrass and Sweet Wheat.


Sweet Wheat @ Myspace Social Networking Site for Sweet Wheat Customers and Staff!

Or you can always contact the friendly voices at Sweet Wheat by calling 1-888-22-SWEET
Anytime Monday through Friday 9-5 we will be more than happy to answer any of your more detailed questions about Sweet Wheat.

Looking for testimonials? Call Sweet Wheat today and we can also give you some quick testimonials customized to your own personals concerns.

Call 1-888-22-SWEET (1-888-227-9338) for any of your more personal questions and concerns.

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Get to know your Chlorophyll!


By Kim Bright

Chlorophyll Power

Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the safest and most powerful natural healing aid.

Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the safest and most powerful natural healing aid. It has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and has the capacity to strengthen the whole body by bolstering the immune system. When grown properly, wheatgrass can pick up every mineral in the soil, and it contains all know vitamins, as well. Since one ounce of juice has the nutritional value of 1.5 lbs. of organic produce, taking wheatgrass juice naturally signals the brain to curb hunger.

The starch of wheatgrass juice, when converted to simple sugars, is a quick energy source. Because it is a juice, it is digested almost instantly, making it especially good for athletes. Many food allergies and intolerances are the result of digestive problems caused by enzyme deficiency. Enzymes must be present in order for food to be completely absorbed by the body. Fortunately, nature provides us foods, such as wheatgrass juice, which are high in digestive enzymes.

Wheatgrass juice also contains chlorophyll, an important blood builder. The molecular structure of chlorophyll closely resembles that of hemoglobin. The major difference is that the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium, while hemoglobin contains iron. Research shows that wheatgrass juice, and the chlorophyll it contains, has many otherapeutic uses and no toxic effect.

Anemia Treatment

Chlorophyll aids in rebuilding the bloodstream. In various animal studies, red cell count returned to normal within four to five days of the administration of chlorophyll, even in animals known to be extremely anemic.


Science has proven that chlorophyll arrests the growth and development of unfriendly bacteria by producing an unfavourable environment for microbes to grow.

Cancer Prevention

Dr. Chiu-nan Lai, at the University of Texas System Cancer Center, Houston, determined that chlorophyll is the active factor in wheat sprout extract that inhibits the metabolic activity of carcinogens.

Complementary Therapy

Dr. Theodore M. Rudolph says that daily use of chlorophyll, in conjunction with regular treatment, is a beneficial complementary therapy in the treatment of hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), high blood pressure (hypertension), and arthritis. Chlorophyll’s cleansing ability and capacity to combine with oxygen helps to remove foreign matter from the walls of the blood vessels.

Chlorophyll also stimulates peristalsis, improves the intestines, and is a mild diuretic. E. Bircher, a research scientist, says chlorophyll increases the function of the heart and benefits the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.

Natural Deodorant

Dr. F. Howard Westcott reports that, when taken internally in adequate amounts, chlorophyll reduces or eliminates offensive body and breath odours.

Relief from Congestion

Going back to the immune system, I want to talk to you about boosting yours. Because of the daily onslaught of contaminants to which we expose ourselves, we need to focus on the intake of substances that will enhance and strengthen our body’s defense system. If we ignore our immune system and do nothing to strengthen it, then it is effectively being weakened just by dealing with our daily exposure to contaminants in food, water, and the air. Ultimately, it will be weakened to the point where we will have to use antibiotics and other drugs, rather than naturally occurring probiotics (beneficial, friendly bacteria), to kill the bad invaders that manage to break through our defense line (the immune system).

Dr. G.H. Earp Thomas, a soil and plant scientist, found in his research that wheatgrass contains vital nutrients that serve to be factors in the building of a healthy inner environment. Wheatgrass juice contains such an abundance of these factors that he concluded that fresh wheatgrass juice was capable of sustaining human life for months at a time.

Dr. Thomas also found that an ounce of wheatgrass juice in a gallon of fluoridated water turns the fluorine into a harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compound. Wheat grass juice can be added to water, to soften the skin of the face and hands. Soothing in the bath, wheatgrass juice stops bleeding, eases itching, and helps sores and pimples to heal.

Dr. Ann Wigmore uses herbs, raw foods and wheatgrass juice at her clinic to handle the conditions discussed above.

Other research has shown wheatgrass to do the following:

  • Stimulate digestion
  • Deactivate carcinogens in the liver
  • Repair and maintain liver health
  • Prevent fat deposits in the liver
  • Nourish cells
  • Remove cellular waste
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Digest toxins in the cells
  • Fight tumours without the use of toxic drugs
  • Deactivate carcinogenic effects from charcoal-broiled foods and compounds from automobile exhaust

Why not improve your immune system with the condensed energy of the sun found in wheatgrass juice?


1. Kulvinskas M.S., Victoras “Sprout for the Love of Every Body”

2. Manning, Betsy Russell “Wheatgrass Juice: Gift of Nature”

3. Licata, Vincent “Comfrey and Chlorophyll”

4. Wigmore, Ann “The Wheatgrass Book”

5. Wigmore, Ann “Rebuild Your Health With High Energy Enzyme Nourishment, Living Foods Lifestyle”

This article previously appeared in VISTA Magazine

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What are some of the benefits of Sweet Wheat?

2291303714_3c959f2268_mOver at Sweet Wheat we take pride in our product. Each blade of grass is special to us and so are our customers. We would like to introduce you the Sweet Wheat customer to some of the benefits of Sweet Wheat. 

Sweet Wheat is rich in…

-Zinc for skin, the immune system, prostate, eyesight. 

-Phosphorous for nerves.

-Calcium for building strong bones and teeth. 

-Magnesium for good muscle function. 

-Vitamin A for good eyesight, reproductive functions, as well as growth and development. 

-Vitamin B for the nervous system, deep restful sleep, relaxation and for energy 

-Vitamin C helps prevent tissue damage, inflammation, degenerative diseases and cellular death. 

-Vitamin K healthful clotting of your blood. (If taking blood thinners, do not take without doctors concent!) 

And most importantly Chlorophyll, which is a powerful blood cleanser with healing properties unmatched in the other cereal grasses. 

Also don’t forget! 1/2 Teaspoon of Sweet Wheat is the nutritional equivalent of 1-1/2 lbs of organic vegetables.

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Holiday Discount Reminder!

Remember Cyber Holiday Shoppers! We still have a discount for the following until December 15.

· On any jumbo powder or capsules, buy three, get one jumbo bottle free.

· On any large powder or capsules, buy four, get one more large bottle free.

· Buy three Sweet Boost boxes, get one box of Boost free.

· In addition, 20% discount on all Sweet Kid or Sweet Skin purchases

Sweet Wheat® makes a perfect gift for the person you know who has everything! With this deal you can keep one for yourself to beat those New Years Resolutions!

Call now 1-888-22-SWEET… don’t forget to mention The Sweet Weekly! 🙂

*This special applies only to phone orders, if you have already placed a web order and think you apply for one of these discounts…give us a call at 1-888-22-SWEET

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Sweet Wheat® Holiday Specials and Discounts!

We hope you give Sweet Wheat® this holiday season for your special guests. As we would like to leave a special gift for our loyal Sweet Weekly readers.

This year, our holiday specials will be running from 15 November 2008 until 15 December 2008.

The specials will be as follows:

· On any jumbo powder or capsules, buy three, get one jumbo bottle free.

· On any large powder or capsules, buy four, get one more large bottle free.

· Buy three Sweet Boost boxes, get one box of Boost free.

· In addition, 20% discount on all Sweet Kid or Sweet Skin purchases

Sweet Wheat® makes a perfect gift for the person you know who has everything! With this deal you can keep one for yourself to beat those New Years Resolutions!

Call now 1-888-22-SWEET… don’t forget to mention The Sweet Weekly! 🙂

*This special applies only to phone orders, if you have already placed a web order and think you apply for one of these discounts…give us a call at 1-888-22-SWEET

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Sweet Wheat® Video from Expo East 2008

Hi there Sweet Weekly Readers! 

Here’s a little treat from Expo East 2008 featuring Sweet Wheat® President and Founder Kim Bright, Dr. Ward Bond and some special guests.

It was great meeting all of you and seeing some friendly and familiar faces! We thank everyone for the nice feedback and all the new customers that joined the Sweet Wheat® family. 

Just another notice that you can connect to Sweet Wheat® through our new myspace page… add us today!

Coming soon… we have a special holiday surprise for our Sweet Weekly readers and our loyal customers. 🙂

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Sweet Wheat® Mania Reaches Myspace!

The Sweet Wheat® revolution is now online on popular Social Networking site Myspace.

As a Sweet Wheat® customer you can connect with other customers and meet the staff behind Sweet Wheat®.

Also as a member of the Sweet Wheat® myspace you have an easy way to introduce your friends and family to the company and your favorite Sweet Wheat® Products!

Add us as your friend today!!!

Click Here to Visit the Sweet Wheat® Myspace!

Also we have just created a few new Web Banners for anyone who wants to spread the word about Sweet Wheat® online.

Check out our gallery and post the banner on your Myspace, website, or other online source.

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Sweet Wheat® featured at!

We are honored to announce that Sweet Wheat® has been featured on in their Your Total Health Slideshow spotlighting top green products in “Diet at the Village: Organic Food” for October 2008.  

Drink Your Greens

Making your beverage green doesn’t mean throwing back emerald Jell-O shots. Green drinks, the latest trend in power beverages, are sold both pre-made at Gorilla Life or as a power mix to reconstitute in water, like at Sweet Wheat®. The best ones pack high-chlorophyll, detoxifying organic grasses, like wheatgrass, and spinach for a rich stream of enzymes and antioxidants. Low in calories and sugar, they make for the perfect liquid snack.

Try a Banana Strawberry Sweet Wheat® Smoothie: blend one cup of vanilla almond milk, one banana, seven strawberries, one teaspoon or two capsules of Sweet Wheat® powder and one tablespoon of honey.

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Sweet Wheat® Discount on Dr. Ward Bond….

Sweet Wheat® is Featured on Nutritional Living with Dr. Ward Bond Show TOMORROW Friday, October 24th 2008

We are offering a 20% discount to any viewers of this show or readers of The Sweet Weekly.

Call 1-888-22-SWEET to claim your discount.



For all you California Sweet Wheat® and Dr. Bond Fans!

Dr. Bond to appear on Fox 11 Morning News at 10am “Ask An Expert” Segment with Jean Martirez

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

KTTV-TV, Channel 11

Fox Broadcasting Network

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Bond is speaking about his new book “The Top 20 Life Changing Nutrients” which features his own recommendation for Sweet Wheat® in Chapter 19 titled “Wheat Grass”

Some of the things Dr. Ward Bond has to say about Sweet Wheat®.

“That is why Sweet Wheat®’s wheat grass is juiced and then freeze dried. The wheat grass juice is ten to twenty times more powerful as a nutrient supply than the cellulose-laden wheat grass. Sweet Wheat®’s organic wheat grass juice powder is a good source of active enzymes, thus aiding even more the bioavailability of the nutrients because of its special harvesting.”

“…if you’re stretched for time and searching for convenience, superior quality, organic wheat grass juice loaded with bioactive, easily assimilated enzymes, minerals, vitamins and protein, then Sweet Wheat® is your best answer.”

Find out more about Wheatgrass and other life changing nutrients in this great new book. Dr. Bond’s new book will be available at all 377 Vitamin Shoppe stores as well as all Chamberlain’s Natural Foods stores in Florida. Look for it on!

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Sweet Wheat® in Boston at Expo East!

Hey all you Bostonians!!!

The Sweet Wheat®crew will be in attendance at this years Natural Products Expo East in Boston in just a few days starting the 15th through the 19th. 

Look for our booth… say hello and feel free to browse our product lines and grab a few samples! 

Visit for more information

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Sweet Wheat® in The City

Sweet Wheat in The City.

We’d like to thank the Dr. Vagnini show in NYC for a wonderful powerhouse of an interview with Kim Bright on Sunday.

If you missed the amazing broadcast with Kim Bright and Dr. Vagnini you can listen here

We would also like to welcome ALL the new customers who ordered from the show.  Our phones were ringing off the hooks!

Keep on spreading the Sweet Wheat® news New York!

Remember Get Bright, Get Life with Sweet Wheat®!

If you missed the number on the show…

Get your Sweet Wheat® today at 1-888-22-SWEET

(Disclaimer: Picture is just a mock up, not really an ad in Times Square!… Yet!)

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Kim Bright and Sweet Wheat® on Dr. Vagnini Radio Show!

For all you New York Sweet Wheat® Lovers!

We are proud to announce that Sweet Wheat® Founder Kim Bright will be discussing Sweet Wheat® on the Dr. Vagnini Show this Sunday at 4pm on WOR 710.

“As a health educator, Dr. Vagnini conducts a call-in radio program, The Heart Show, on WOR 710 radio, New York , Sundays at 4 PM . He publishes a monthly newsletter that is posted on his website He is the co-author of the NY Times bestseller, The Carbohydrate Addict’s Healthy Heart Program. His current book is Dr. Vagnini’s Healthy Heart Plan, which includes his popular and very successful 30-Day Insulin-Regulating Diet.” -From WOR Website

It should be a very informative and entertaining interview so please set your dials!! 🙂

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Sweet Wheat® at Natural Products Expo East!

Sweet Wheat® is attending Natural Products Expo East in Boston, this October.

We are excited about seeing new faces and introducing Sweet Wheat® to the expo crowds.

We recently in May attended Expo West in Anaheim, CA with great success!

Dr. Ward Bond and Sweet Wheat Inc. Founder Kim Bright @ Expo West

Dr. Ward Bond and Sweet Wheat Inc. Founder Kim Bright @ Expo West

Stop by booth number #1445 to say hello and grab a free sample of Sweet Wheat®!

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Sweet Pet: Ever Seen Your Pets Eat Grass?

Get The Best For Your Pet!

Sweet Wheat introduces a new pet product featuring Wheat Grass, for Cats and Dogs.

Perfect for city living pets, pets in apartments and overall pet health.

Because pets are our extended family, our faithful companions
and friends. They depend upon us to get what they
need to survive well and have good health. Give man’s
best friend the quality of care they deserve.
Derived from whole, natural foods the Sweet Pet™
formula provides healthy enzyme rich active nutrition
an easy to assimilate form.

Sweet Pet™ canine and feline formulas are known to help dogs and cats to:
• Nourish and strengthen the immune system
• Build healthy flexible joints
• Create a happier and better disposition
• Provide mineral and vitamins for good health
• Take away a parasite-friendly environment in your pet’s body
• Balance gut fl ora with millions of healthy bacteria
• Improve eye health and help to heal eye conditions
• Normalize weight naturally
• Have healthy stool formation
• Promote healthy skin and a shiny coat
• Eliminate improper cravings, such as eating toys, articles of clothing and wood articles
• And for cats, assists with the reduction and elimination of hairballs from their system

Call and Order Today!
1 (888) 22-SWEET
(888) 227-9338

Copyright © 2008 Sweet Wheat, Inc. All rights reserved. Sweet Wheat®
and Sweet Pet™ are trademarks owned by Sweet Wheat,

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Say NO to GMOs

Think the risks of GMOs don’t apply to you? Think again!

Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM) is the scientific process of genetically altering crops or livestock. This is accomplished by inserting genes from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans into the food that we are then intended to eat. So, if you don’t want to be an unknowing, unsuspecting cannibal, listen up!

In the U.S. it is not required by the FDA to label foods containing GMOs even though GMOs can cause serious health risks including allergies, toxins, and in test animals, sterility and even death. But have no fear, for we are here to bring you the news on how to eat healthy despite hidden GMOs.

First and foremost, buy organic whenever possible. I know it’s more expensive, but think of it this way, you could spend the extra cash on groceries and feel great or you could spend even more at the doctor’s office and feel…well…like you feel when you have to go to the doctor’s office. All organic products are required to be 100% GMO free! Even if the label only states that it’s “made with organic ingredients” it can be only 70% organic but has to be 100% non-GMO. Organic products also have tons of other benefits (that will be covered in weeks to come) so you’re really getting your money’s worth.

Come back next week for more tips on how to shop GMO free!

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Aminos Needed

How important are amino acids? VERY!

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein. There are 20 different kinds of amino acids and 8 of these are not produced by the human body. These 8 are essential to add to one’s diet as that is the only way to get them.

Amino acids help your body convert food and oxygen to energy. This keeps you sharper and more aware which in turn helps you respond faster in both everyday living and in emergencies. Amino acids help give you increased energy, enriched blood, softer skin and hair, a stronger immune system, better sleep patterns and better digestion. If you’re worried about smile lines resulting from a good life…amino acids aid in the never-ending fight against aging. And, good news for those living with constant stress, they also have a naturally calming effect.

Not only are there great benefits to be had from getting the right amino acids, amino acid deficiency can be quite severe. Think about it, if you don’t have your building blocks how long do you think you can stand? And what’s the first thing to go? The one thing that is “unneeded” by your body for sustained life, your reproductive system. Women with amino acid deficiency can stop their menstrual cycle and even become barren if it’s not caught before it’s too late.

So, how do you get these 8 amino acids as well as your fill of the other 12? Sweet Wheat®! Sweet Wheat® is the original, certified organic and kosher, freeze dried wheat grass juice powder. It’s 30%-40% protein and contains all 20 amino acids in one place. The protein contained in Sweet Wheat® is already broken down to its amino acid form so your body doesn’t have to do all the work. In this way your body can easily absorb the amino acids and reap the rewards of a healthier body.


The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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About Sweet Wheat®

Sweet Wheat® is The Original Organic Freeze Dried Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Did you know?

One teaspoon of Sweet Wheat® is roughly equivalent to one to two ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice. One ounce of wheatgrass juice equals the nutritional equivalent of 1.5 pounds of organic vegetables.

Sweet Wheat® is Gluten Free!

There is NO gluten in Sweet Wheat®. Gluten is only formed in the actual wheat grain (seed). Sweet Wheat is harvested and cut before the wheatgrass develops a seed head. If you are allergic to wheat, you are also allergic to gluten, but not to the properties of wheatgrass.


Certified by Oregon Tilth (OTCO), USDA Organic, Kosher-Pareve (KOAOA) and Non-GMO.

How do you order Sweet Wheat®?

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